Getting started with the uMake Interface

video lesson

A quick tour of uMake

When you first open up uMake you will land on the discover page, and you will see some icons in the interface that may look new to you. In this video, we walk you through the basic building blocks that make up the uMake interface, from activity streams and feeds, the discover page, how to create new projects, how to see your file manager and how to see you notifications. This is a great video to get familiar with uMake and understand where you can find the various functions outside of the uMake editor (where you create your models).

When you first open up uMake, you will land on the Discover page. This is where work shared by other uMake users can be seen, along with current challenges, news, and update information. You can tap on any thumbnail you see to like and comment on users work.

PLEASE NOTE: Projects shown in the community were voluntarily shared by the creator/ designer. uMake takes privacy and confidentially very seriously and your work will NEVER be shared without your permission. Your creations are safe with uMake– and sharing is completely voluntary and optional.

The uMake file manager is where your creations live in uMake. Here you can see and access your files, as well as organize files into collections, and delete unneeded files. Simply tapping on a file will open that file inside the editor.

PLEASE NOTE: Files displayed in your file manager are secure and private, and not shared with the uMake community or outside of uMake.

uMake has its very own notification center. If you choose to share any of your work with the uMake community, you will receive notifications here about likes, comments and other activity going on in the uMake community.