Symmetry and Mirroring in uMake

video lesson

Using Symmetry and Mirroring.

This technique is pretty simple but requires a thorough understanding of uMake and how both symmetry and mirroring work.

• Live symmetry enables you to sketch on one half of an axis, and whatever you create on that half will be reflected over your chosen axis of symmetry.

• Mirroring will take something you’ve already created and reflect it over a chosen axis of symmetry.

• When both are used together, whatever is ‘mirrored’ or ‘reflected’ over the axis of symmetry when live symmetry is turned on, will be changed in real time if the one side is modified.

This is a great technique to use if you are creating complex models and only want to work on one half of the model, but may want to do some changes to the model after you have mirrored the other half.

The video above walks you through the benefits of this technique.