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So, you’re a boss at uMake? We dare you to share your skills with the rest of the uMake community. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, let us know!


Why mentor?

uMake is all about community, and we believe the best way to improve our community is to get amazing creators like you to help others. You can help make the internet a more beautiful place, one 3D creator at a time.

It's fun!

You can choose your topics and share what you've learned, all while inspiring others.


Everyone Loves Teachers!

When you teach, you are a master, and the love is real. Gain credibility and more when you make lessons. Oh, and it looks awesome on your resume!


Cool Karma.

When you give back, you get back. The Karma is real and you you might just learn something from another teacher too.


Look! No hands!

The Doodle. The Sketch. The Design. The Drawing The Schematic. Whatever your skill level in drawing, uMake will help you express your quickly and intuitively. Create new products, train sketches and develop new worlds with uMake.

Mentions by professionals.

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Elijah Pointer


uMake...where creativity and community collide. uMake frees my ideas one design at a time. 2D drawings are flat and inanimate, but when 'uMake' them, they take on a new dimension and come to life.

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Julie O'Reilly

Design Enthusiast

I’ve always liked the idea of 3D drawing but found other programs confusing. I didn’t have the knowledge or time to learn what the hundreds of buttons with technical names did. UMake is different, I basically draw, turn the view & draw again to make it 3D. It’s so intuitive & fun.

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Evan Bronstein

Professional Architect

Evi and his team listen carefully to its constituency of creative users, and have struck an important balance between maintaining a nimble application with robust functionality. Intuitive controls and design kits offer a complement of resources that meet individuals at their own level of engagement.

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Rob Pfischner

Industrial designer

Umake is the missing link between sketching and CAD. Being able conceptualize directly in 3D has both sped up my work flow and enabled me to develop ideas on a more in depth level earlier on in the design process.

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Aurelien Francois

Automotive Designer

Over the past couple years, uMake became an essential part of my creative workflow both in professional and leisure setups. The portability and the computing power of modern tablets bring increasingly effective and innovative opportunities to go from a quick 2D sketch to a CAD compatible 3D model and uMake is at the forefront of this revolution.

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