Intro to Curves

video lesson

Working with Curves

uMake uses what are known as ‘curves’– geometric curves that can exist in 3D space. The technical term for the type of curve uMake uses is NURBS (Non Uniform Rational Basis Spline) which is actually pretty cool because this is what professional software like Alias, Maya, MOI3D and Rhino use. The difference is that uMake lets you sketch these curves just like you would on paper, and then helps clean them up a bit with some fancy math. After that, it gives you all the control you want to modify the curve to get it just right.

• Start by sketching a curve.

• Double tap to select curves.

• In the side menu, you will see options for what you can do with the curve.

• Tapping on edit will enable you to ad and remove control points (these are how you change the curves shape).

• You can split a curve or merge two curves into one with these tools.

• You can change the stroke and color of a curve from the top menu.

• You can move, scale and rotate a curve with the controls around the bounding box.